God is faithful!

I know I just posted something yesterday, but I wanted to make sure that I updated you all about Anamaria’s head ultrasound today; we know that so many of you have been praying with us and we want to make sure that you hear about God’s answers to your diligent and faithful prayers! Ana had a third ultrasound of her brain this morning to check on the small bleed and cyst that were seen in the most recent ultrasound. Today they saw no changes in her brain, which is a very very good sign! It means that she does not have an active bleed in her brain, which is a huge answer to prayer! The cyst is small and not something that the doctors are worried about at all–so we are choosing to trust their word and God’s sovereign power and not worry about that. But we are so thankful that at this point, it looks like we have “dodged the bullet” of the high risk of severe bleeding in Ana’s brain! We are so thankful for your loving prayers! 

Anamaria had a great day today–her breathing has remained stable and she is tolerating the increase in her feedings well. She lost a little bit of weight today, but is still right at her birth weight. While I was finishing up pumping (something that I do quite frequently these days) I heard a faint squeaking noise, that I soon realized was crying. “What baby is crying?” I thought to myself. Ana’s neighbor was being quiet, oddly enough, and we can’t usually hear the other babies that clearly. Suddenly, I realized that it was MY baby crying! I never thought I would be so happy to hear my baby crying! I spilled breast milk all over the chair I was so shocked! I looked into the incubator only to find a squirmy, not very happy little Anamaria! What a gift to hear your child’s voice–even if it is through a cry. I hope to remember never to take that for granted! And do not fear, Anamaria only cried for a short time, and calmed down immediately when I put my hands into the incubator and “contained her” (put my hands around her body to give her some boundaries and protection. 

Papi came to visit the hospital after work, and got to change diapers, and lift Anamaria up to be weighed. Here is a picture of Ana holding her Papi’s hand!

IMG_6621 - Version 2

We are so in love with our little munchkin! Thank you for your prayers! 🙂 



6 thoughts on “God is faithful!

  1. Hi Martha!
    We’re praying for Anamaria’s recovery,
    She’s a remainder of God’s love and faithfulness. We look forward to see her and her amazing big sister Abigail 🙂

    With Love,

    Jose, Diorella, Jose Daniel & Samuel Elias


  2. Marta, thank you for sharing the details of your life over the past couple weeks– I’m praising God for His faithfulness to you and your sweet family, and blown away by your testimony of joy and peace in the midst of pain and uncertainty. Lots of love and prayer coming your way from Bromley 302!


  3. Dear Marta, The Prayer Group at our church here in Chapel Hill are praying for you and for Anamaria. Praise the Lord for the progress she has already made! In His love, Sharon Guyer


  4. Martha y Esteban
    Nos alegra mucho que Anamaria continue desarrollandose . Oramos para que Dios continue impartiendo salud a su vida y fuerza fisica y espiritual a ustedes sus padres.
    Dios los bendiga mucho


  5. Querida Marta,
    You and your family have been in my
    Prayers. I am happy to hear about Anamaria’s progress, God is so faithful!
    I hope Abi is doing well. God bless and know that many of us at CLJ are praying for you. God bless you.


  6. Gringuis estoy muy orgullosa de ti y Esteban, AnaMaria Milagros tuvo a quien salir, ella es una luchadora porque ese el ejemplo que tiene de sus padres, pido a Dios que le siga ayudando, proveyendo y dandole fuerzas…Los amo mucho y estoy para ustedes cuando quieran…les mando un fuere abrazo con todo nuestro amor . Maria & Isabella


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