3 weeks!


22 days old

1 pound, 9 ounces (705 grams)

Birthweight: 1 pound, 4 ounces (580 grams)


Anamaria practicing her karate–don’t mess with her. She’s scrappy and tough.


“Oh man, what have I gotten myself into…”

Anamaria continues to amaze us and has made us the most proud parents in the NICU. She has continued on her CPAP and is rocking it. She even had her CPAP level lowered this week, from 7 to 6–which means that the pressure that is being pushed gently into her lungs is less, and she is doing more on her own. Once she shows that she is able to handle this well, it will be lowered to 5 (the lowest setting) and then after that she will be taken off the CPAP and be only on oxygen! It will probably take a while for her to get there, but we are so happy about her progress!

This doesn’t mean that she breathes smoothly all the time though. She usually has several spells throughout the day/night, and they usually happen when she is eating–having a full belly leaves very little room for her lungs to work! Ana is usually able to pull herself out of the spells, but sometimes needs a little rub on her back to remember to breathe. While I hate seeing those numbers drop on her monitors, and hearing the beeping and alarms, all the doctors and nurses have said that for such a young, tiny baby she is doing tremendously. They continue to refer to her as “amazing.”

Anamaria is up to full feedings now, which means that she got her PICC line (central IV line) removed! She is getting all of her nutrition by mouth, through a feeding tube. She is getting all breast milk with some extra calories as well, to help her pack on the pounds. Up until today she had been gaining weight very slowly, but suddenly today she decided to put on 2 ounces in one day! Hopefully she will continue to gain about an ounce a day, and will get stronger and stronger every day!

We had the chance to meet another family in the NICU who just had their first baby girl at 23 weeks, 6 days gestation. If you think of it, pray also for Rachel Grace–she is a sweet little thing, and is proving to be a fighter as well! It breaks my heart to see anyone else going through this, but I’m thankful that at least we will be going through it together!

Thank you, thank you for your faithful prayers! You have ministered to us by your faithfulness, diligence, generosity, kindness and love. Thank you!

Here’s to a good 4th week!


5 thoughts on “3 weeks!

  1. We have been praying for your girl and you since we heard you were in labor. It is so refreshing to see your walk of faith through this. God provides! He answers prayer. God bless you all.


  2. These pictures are adorable!!! It was so fun to see you all yesterday!! You and Esteban and Abi are so awesome and I know Ana already is awesome too!! Keep writing updates!! We love reading them!! Love you all!!


  3. Those pictures are fantastic! I wonder what her little mind was thinking as she was doing her karate. 🙂 it will be such a tremendous blessing to have those new friebds in the NICU. It’s amazing how God uses such difficult circumstances and situations to bring us into new communities of people we otherwise would have never met. My 4 month old got hearing aids a week ago and I’m excited to now form another new community with the hard of hearing. Blessings to you guys! You’re such an inspirational family.


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