A month since the day of your birth!

31 days~1 month old!

1 pound 15 ounces (870 grams)


Sweet, sweet girl. You are 1 month old today. We love you 31 times more today than we did the night we met you–as unexpected as your arrival was, we fell in love with your determined spirit instantly. You have had the roughest start to life possible, and you have proven to be strong–so strong. In your first month of life, here are a few of the things you have learned to do…

  • BREATHE! You were intubated in the delivery room, but showed everyone how tough you really were by not needed any extra oxygen right from the start. You were at 21% oxygen the night you were born and, despite the fact that everyone said it was a “honeymoon period” you preserved, even through a PDA and heart murmur. You were treated for the PDA and ex-tubated, all before 8 days of life. “She will most likely have to be intubated again,” everyone told us. “We are taking it hour by hour.” One hour, two hours, four, eight, a day, two days…and still you have continued on CPAP, a feat that many babies much older than you can’t handle. Most recently, you have even been able to have your CPAP level lowered and have remained on less oxygen than you had been requiring. Now they are even talking about lowering your CPAP more to have even less pressure. Overall, you are a fighter. You are determined, not only to live but to thrive. You may be little, but you are the toughest girl we know. We are so proud of you!
  • EAT! You were up to full feedings by 2.5 weeks of life, and had your PICC line removed. You eat, digest, poop and eat again–every three hours. You have had 10 extra calories added to every meal to help you put some meat on your bones, and you have still been able to tolerate your feedings like an old pro. You love Momma’s milk.
  • GAIN WEIGHT! It’s been tough, but you have managed to gain 11 ounces since birth–almost 300 grams! At your lowest weight you were only 480 grams–1 pound, 1 ounce. Since that time you have gained a whopping 14 ounces. Keep it up love bug!
  • TALK! Yes, it’s true. You cried the night you were born, showcasing your feisty personality to the entire delivery room, and as your lungs have developed, so has your desire to share your thoughts with us! You love to make sure we know when you are not happy and to make your opinion known. Lately, you wail when the nurses take you off of Mommy and put you back in your isolette. Mommy wants to wail too, but it’s not socially acceptable. As much as we hate to see you sad, we love to hear your voice.
  • SUCK! You have been amazing the nurses with this one since the beginning. You. love. your. pacifier. You will keep that thing in your mouth forever  and hold on tight if anyone tries to take it away. It’s so cute to see your tiny face sucking on a pacifier like a regular full term baby. Yesterday Mommy caught you sucking on your thumb too. What a genius! We are happy to know you have the sucking reflex down–now if we can just figure out swallowing…
  • Turn your head from side to side! You love sleeping on your tummy, but you also like to try to move your head, which usually ends up messing up your CPAP or stopping you from breathing. We can’t believe how strong you are to pick up your head and turn it from side to side!
  • You would really like to CRAWL! Sometimes it seems like you think you can do this one. When you’re on your belly you push up on your knees or feet and scooch yourself forward. We joke that you are trying to crawl out of your isolette, but seriously…you need to stay in there, ok? You need to conserve calories and energy in order for you to graduate from the incubator to the crib!
  • Be HELD, SNUGGLED and CUDDLED! This is our favorite thing that you have learned! We have been holding you every other day since the day you turned one week older, and we have not missed a day. Yesterday, the team decided that you could be held every day–so bring it on! You got some good snuggles with Papi today for your one month birthday!
  • You also love holding onto Papi’s hand! Last night you held his hand for 45 minutes, and would not let go! You are a daddy’s girl already.

How many babies can say they have learned so much in just one short month?! We love you so much and are so proud of you. As much as we wish you were still inside Mommy’s belly growing big and strong, we have loved getting to know your big personality extra early. What a gift you are to our family and we’re so glad God chose us to be your parents.







Our prayer for you today–one month since the day of your birth–is that you would grow up to be a little girl who loves Jesus with all your heart. One of Mommy and Papi’s good friends was praying for you the other day and prayed for this very thing. Mommy and Papi realized that we have been so encompassed with praying for your lungs, your heart, your brain, your stomach, that we have forgotten that someday you won’t be a 1 pound baby in an incubator. Someday you will be a vibrant little girl, running around with your big sister. And so our prayer for you is that you would learn to love Jesus with all your heart, to put Him first in your life, and to love those around you as a result.

Mommy, Papi and big sister Abi love you so, so much. Keep growing little munchkin. Keep growing. We just can’t wait to show you what life outside of the NICU is all about.



3 thoughts on “A month since the day of your birth!

  1. Marta

    Your words are prayers. Even in your trials – you give strength.
    The Lord chose the perfect parents for a perfect miracle.

    “For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven and do not return there but water the earth, making it bring forth and sprout, giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater; so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:10-11

    Abundant blessings, Kate


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