Drum roll please…

Today I snuggled a 2 pound baby. Yep, you read that right.


Tonight Ana weighed in at 910 grams– 2 pounds flat! Everyone is very impressed with her sudden increase in weight gain. Her belly is looking nice and round, and her arms and legs a little less stick-like.


And, this happened tonight…


After 32 days of life, we gave FINALLY Anamaria a bath. And let me tell you, she was one smelly little girl. We scrubbed her down and I don’t know how she felt afterwards, but we felt good. We put warming lights on her during bath time, and she actually ended up getting too hot! Starting to learn to regulate her own body temperature perhaps??

Lastly, I got these pictures from a hospital photographer. (He took them a couple of weeks ago, but just sent them today.) I’m pretty sure I was only chosen because I was wearing something other than a hospital gown. For whatever reason though, I’m happy he took them! I like them a lot.



So far Ana’s second month has started off well! Thank you for your continued love, prayers and support!!


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