1 Kilo and a Special Class

38 days old

1,065 grams~ 2 pounds, 5.5 ounces

1 KILO! 

Yesterday Anamaria hit 1 kilo or 1,000 grams! This is kind of a big deal in the NICU and everyone is quite proud of little Ana!  Tonight she hit 1,065 grams, and she is definitely starting to fill out more and look more and more like a baby. You can especially see her weight gain in her hands and feet, which she has started to grow into. When she was first born, her fingers and toes looked long and skinny–very skinny. Now she has grown into her hands and they are starting to look like cute baby hands.

Tomorrow is the big day when they will wean Ana’s CPAP down to 5 and see how she does. She has been doing SO well on 6, and is needing almost no extra oxygen at all, with no spells. Today she had her large caffeine dose lowered a little bit, so hopefully that will not cause her to starting spelling more or to have more difficulty breathing. She has been on the maximum does of her daily cup of java, but started having her heart rate increase very easily and has been doing so well respiratory wise that they decided to lower it. Mommy will keep up the caffeine intake for Ana, just in case. 🙂

We are still getting to hold Ana everyday now, which is great. This weekend Papi got lots of extra snuggle time since he doesn’t get a lot during the week. Ana loves it, and falls asleep after a few minutes of looking around, and checking out the world from outside of her “condo.”



Abi was so excited to get to see her baby sister again today, since we had not let her go in for the past 2 weeks since she was sick. When we asked her if Ana looked bigger, Abi said, “No. Mom she is not big yet.” I guess she has a little ways to go before Abi considers her big!

Yesterday was also an exciting day because Anamaria got her first REAL bath! On Monday we had given her a sponge bath, but today she got the real deal. We filled up a basin with water, sat her in it, and scrubbed that little body down. And boy, did she need it. 38 days and no bath is too long, and now she is looking (and smelling) much, much better!

IMG_6930   IMG_6935

Today was exciting for Abi because she got to go to a special class for siblings that a couple of the nurses and a graduate NICU parent put on, for siblings of babies in the NICU. Even though Abi ended up being the only sibling at the class, she loved it. She had a great time putting all of the tubes and wires that her baby sister has on her onto a baby doll, and impressed the nurses with how much she already knew. She immediately told them that the orange tube was for her baby’s leche. Abi loved changing her doll’s diaper and putting her in and out of the incubator, and proved to be a great big sister for her preemie baby!


What a great weekend! Stay tuned to hear about how Ana does with less CPAP!


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