Weaning off of CPAP

40 days old

1120 grams~2 pounds, 7.5 ounces

Ana is such a trooper. She had her CPAP level lowered on Monday morning (yesterday) and has not needed any increase in her oxygen requirement at all! Her nurse today even said, “I don’t even think she needs CPAP–she is sating high and isn’t even on any extra oxygen.” At this point the plan is to leave her this way for about a week to make sure that she is stable and doing well, and then they will talk about taking her off CPAP altogether. At that point she will probably need a little bit of oxygen, which will be given to her through a nasal cannula. But that is a much smaller tube and is much more comfortable for babies. AND once she is old enough, if she is off CPAP she will be able to start trying to breastfeed! We still have to wait at least 3-4 weeks before that’s a possibility, just because of her gestational age and her development, but it will be good to know that she would be able when she is old enough!

Ana loves to suck on her pacifier and her hand, loves to look at people and loves to sleep with her arms above her head. She is the best, and we are so, so proud of her!


One thought on “Weaning off of CPAP

  1. Wow! Ana is doing so well!! I am so proud of her and Abi and Marta and Esteban!!! I am praying that Ana grows big and strong and loves Jesus with all her heart and lives for his glory every day of her life!! Yahoo!!! Go Ana!!


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