Exciting things at 7 weeks


49 days old~ 7 weeks

1420 grams~ 3 pounds, 2 ounces

Isolette~ AIR mode

CPAP of 5~ Oxygen at 21% or Room Air

Big things happened today, 7 weeks since the day we met Anamaria for the first time. She is getting chubbier every day and looking more and more like the sweet baby we planned to deliver 2 months from now. She had a big day yesterday (10/1/14), and had a glimpse of what breathing completely on her own will be like. They tried her off CPAP, and decided not to give her a nasal cannula with oxygen at all, since she has not needed any extra oxygen on CPAP. Ana only lasted about 3 hours before needing to have her CPAP back on again. Her oxygen level was drifting quite a bit and she had a brady, which she never does. That means that her heart rate dropped significantly–very unlike her. So they decided to leave her on CPAP at least until the end of next week, when they may give it another go.

After hitting the 3 pound mark, we got the go ahead for clothes and swaddling!! Cute picture overload, coming right up…




IMG_7090                IMG_7091

Happy 7 Weeks Anamaria!! 


4 thoughts on “Exciting things at 7 weeks

  1. These are adorable!!! Wow, God is so good! I am still praying that she loves Jesus with all her heart and lives every day for his glory!!!


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