A big day for Ana


8 weeks old; 31 weeks, 5 days gestation

1640 grams~3 pounds, 10 ounces

Today was a BIG day for little miss Ana–the biggest day that she has had so far probably! Today was the day that Ana went tubeless! Take a look…


This is a HUGE milestone for our girly! She came off of CPAP around 12PM today, and has remained off for the past 12 hours! We hope that she is able to keep it up, but we know it’s a possibility that she may need to go back on CPAP again. She could also just need a nasal cannula, which would just provide her with a little bit of oxygen.


She was one happy lady today with nothing on her face!


Look at my cute little face!


I am so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers!

Keep praying that my lungs continue to grow and develop well!

Happy 8 weeks baby girl!


2 thoughts on “A big day for Ana

  1. She is such a cute little one. Some day I will met her and sister. In the meantime I so like to her of all her miles tones she achieves. Will continue to keep her and family in my thoughts and prayers daily.


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