2 months old


October 14th, 2014

2 months old~ 61 days in the NICU

1800 grams~ 3 pounds, 15.5 ounces

To our littlest miracle,

You are two months old today. We look at you and continue to be amazed. You have beat so many odds. When we think back over the past 2 months we are completely overwhelmed by God’s sustenance. Your Heavenly Father has not left you, not even for a second. Your earthly parents have had to leave the hospital, go to work, take care of your big sister, but your sweet Heavenly Father has had troops of angels watching over you every minute of your life. They have reminded you to breath, kept you warm when you were cold, watched over your heart, your brain, your stomach as they each worked much harder than they would have had to had you remained inside of me until December. Your Papi and I have no doubt that you are with us today because God loves you more than we do and He has been holding you in the palm of His hand and watching over you. This is the reason that we can leave at night and sleep peacefully; because we know that you are being monitored by someone greater than all the doctors and nurses in this hospital. Ana, you are a very special little girl, and have touched many people’s lives already. We are honored to be your parents and are confident that God has an awesome plan for your life! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what this past month, your second month of life, has brought you…

  • You started wearing clothes!! This is one of Mommy’s favorite things, because now you look like a “real baby” and we can     start to imagine having you home with us. You already have too many clothes, so Mommy makes sure to change you often. Here are a few of our favorites..
  • IMG_7348  IMG_7356     IMG_7293  IMG_7267
  • You have learned how to breathe ON YOUR OWN! Why don’t you take a moment to read that again. At only 31 weeks gestation, you came off of CPAP and onto the smallest amount of oxygen on a nasal cannula. You were able to be just on Room air for several hours, but eventually needed just that little whiff of oxygen to keep you going. This is a huge feat, and something that babies at your young age do not usually accomplish! Many people have commented on your strength and your smarts.
  • IMG_7315
  • You have learned to regulate your own body temperature and made the big move into a BIG GIRL CRIB yesterday, at exactly 60 days old. You love to look around your room now, and have been very curious about this whole new world outside of your isolette.
  • IMG_7379       IMG_7360
  • You still LOVE to suck your pacifier. You even hold it in your mouth on your own sometimes and act like you are actually a full term baby.
  • IMG_7111
  • You cry to tell us when you are mad, but you are easily soothed. You calm down right away when someone talks to you, give you a “hug” or gives you your pacifier. You especially love to be held and snuggled.
  • You can be held swaddled now! While Mommy still loves doing skin-to-skin, there is something so nice about being able to hold you in my arms and look down at you, like a normal baby!
  • IMG_7098
  • You have had 2 eye exams already and have the least severe stage of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) at this point. So far it has not progressed, and we hope that it will continue that way! These eye exams are no fun at all and you have handled them like a champ.

Ana, you are the strongest little girl we know and we continue to be so, so proud of you. We didn’t think it was possible, but Mommy, Papi and big sister Abi love you more today than we did 2 months ago. You are our miracle and we are so thankful for you!


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