A letter to our firstborn…

Because with all this talk about our newest little one, I don’t want to forget about the miracle that is our first daughter…

To our dearest firstborn,

God knew. He knew when He chose you to be a part of our family that you would be the perfect big sister for a preemie. Your deep, belly laugh, twinkling eyes and big bear hugs have kept us sane over the past two months. Coming home to your kisses, snuggles and “playing fighting for this many minutes” has been our joy amidst the chaos. You are ever gracious, so resilient and always forgiving. The way you love your baby sister warms our hearts and makes us long for the day when we can have the four of us together. This story–the story of your sister’s birth–is not just her story. It is part of your story as well. Your sister is a miracle, but let us not forget the miracle that you are to us as well.


God formed you, and He knew you before He formed you. He fashioned you, oh-so-perfectly. Counted each “crazy-nazy” hair on your sweet head. Every moment was planned before it came about. He made you perfectly inside of Mommy, and you came out so gracefully–healthy and strong. You were easily soothed, loved to nurse and loved to fall asleep snuggling your Papi. You made us Mommy and Papi and we have never been happier.


The past two months of your life have been unexpected. You don’t have a routine. You rarely eat dinner with both your Mommy and your Papi anymore, and you have played with more babysitters than you can remember. You have driven into Boston countless times, and played in the waiting room with one of us while the other one visits your sister. You have eaten at Panera and Chipotle more times that we would like to recall. I’m not sure that you remember what a vegetable is. And let’s not even talk about a bedtime.

And despite all this, you smile. You greet us in the morning with deep hugs, slobbery kisses and a sweet “I love you Mommy! I love you Papi!” You talk about the day that your baby sister will come home, and the toys you will share with her. You tell everyone that you will share a room with her, and that she is going to use your old “cuna” since now you are in a big girl bed. You are learning to use “magic soap” every time you blow your nose so that we don’t get baby Ana sick when she comes home.

Dearest Abigail, we are so thankful for you. We are sorry for all you have had to go through, but we are confident that God has planned this for you and that He is using this to prepare you to become the little girl and the woman that he wants you to be. We pray that you would fall more in love with Jesus, your heavenly father who loves you with a love even deeper than our love for you, as a result of this time, and that you would grow to teach others about His love for them as well. We are so lucky that God chose us to be your parents! We love you!



2 thoughts on “A letter to our firstborn…

  1. Marta, You leave me crying again. How you manage to get all these emotions down so regularly and with such love for Jesus and your family is amazing. Hang in there as you are. Play fighting with four is around the corner…


  2. Such a beautiful post Marta! Sisters ROCK and Abi has gotten the BEST and deepest training already. May this bond stay with them forever. Stay strong guys 🙂


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