35 weeks, 3 days old

82 days in the NICU

4 pounds, 14 ounces

Little miss Anamaria is continuing to make great strides towards being able to come home. The biggest one is that she is now officially completely tubeless!


On Saturday, at exactly 35 weeks, Ana had taken 5 of her 6 feeds by mouth. So when she went ahead and pulled out her feeding tube on Sunday, they decided to not even put it back in and see how she would do! Let me tell you, she is loving the freedom of a clean face!


Ana has done pretty well with her eating, and usually wakes up ready to eat! You can see her trying to get her fingers in her mouth to suck on them because she’s HUNGRY! She usually finishes the entire bottle, which is just about 2 ounces of breast milk, mixed with some formula for extra calories. Yesterday she had kind of a bad eating day, and didn’t really finish any of her meals, and ended up losing half an ounce. Today has been a better day and so we hope that her positive streak will continue.


Ana also had her daily cup of Joe discontinued a week ago today. She has been on a pretty hefty dose of caffeine since a couple of days after she was born, in order to help with her breathing and to prevent apnea. She can’t go home on it, and she needs to prove to us that she is able to be spell-free without it. This is a MAJOR step towards going home! At this point, she is still having 1-2 spells a day, but everyone assures us that as she grows and matures these will stop.

Lastly, Ana’s eyes have been checked weekly for the past month. She has developed stage 2 ROP in both eyes. At this point the doctors are not super concerned. They are following her closely, and in the event that it becomes stage 3 or 4, we would then need to talk about laser surgery to prevent retinal detachment and subsequent blindness. These eye exams are not fun, to say the least. If you or I had to endure them, we would probably need to be knocked out for the procedure. Having your eye clamped open and prodded with pointy objects is miserable, but Ana takes it like a champ. Preemies are special humans, let me tell you.


We are overwhelmed by Ana’s determination for life. She is one special little girl. Please continue to pray for her as we enter the “home stretch” before the day when we are able to bring our girl home. Pray for her eating, weight gain, breathing and eyes. We want all of these areas of her well before we have the joy of introducing her to “home!”



Love, The Peraltas (family of 4!!!)

P.S. Can you see Abi’s tiny hand hugging her baby sister? Despite Mommy and Papi’s pleas not to touch her (we are paranoid about germs) she simply couldn’t resist. She loves that little girl so much already!


2 thoughts on “TUBELESS!

  1. Thank you for sharing such special moments with us, Marta! I will continue to pray for Anamaria’s well being. She is such a trooper, truly a warrior of the Lord! I will pray for her eyes, and I declare by faith that her eyes will be just fine with 20/20 vision! Hugs to the four of you.


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