3 months


3 months, 1 day old; 37 weeks adjusted 

93 days in the NICU

5 pounds, 8 ounces


Sweet little Ana, you turned 3 months old yesterday, and you have grown into the squishy, delicious newborn we hoped to have in early December. Our hearts ache to have you home with us; your big sister is anxiously awaiting the day we can have a movie night with all 4 of us snuggling on the couch together.

You were supposed to come home today, but you had a spell on Thursday night while feeding that pushed the homecoming back to Sunday. Mommy was devastated. Then you had another spell on Friday night, and one at 1AM this morning, which means you can’t come home until Tuesday at the earliest. You have come so, so far little one. When I think back to those first days 3 months ago, this seemed like a lifetime away. I could not even imagine a time when we would be counting days until you got to come home. Days. Not months, or even weeks. Mere days.

And somehow, that makes it even harder. We are so, so close to having our family of 4 under one roof–so close that we can almost taste it.


But we will wait patiently until you are truly ready to fly. To be unhooked from all the monitors and wires, and finally be free. We will follow your signs–you’re in charge my friend. But can I tell you a little secret? You don’t know it yet, but home is so much better than the hospital. There is lots of love there, and laughter. There are squeals of delight when your sister plays with Papi, and cozy snuggles on the couch before bedtime. There is endless holding and countless kisses. And want to know the best part? I won’t make you wait 4 hours to eat. Sshhh. Don’t tell the nurses that, but when you’re with Mommy, you get to drink the good stuff whenever you want it. 


So, my friend. Let’s work together to make this happen soon rather than later. We are ready when you are.


Thank you for all of your love, support and prayers. Ana is so close to coming home. Please pray that she would consistently eat well and not have any more spells while she is eating. Her last eye exam showed no change in her eyes, so that is better than it getting worse. We will have follow up exams every 2 weeks for a while. She will also follow up with a cardiologist for her heart murmur and will get a hip ultrasound in a couple months to follow up on some looseness in one of her joints. All in all, she is a complete miracle. We have no doubt that God is choosing to reveal is power, majesty and glory through the life of our daughter. According to medicine, she should not be ready to go home at 37 weeks with virtually no long term complications (at least that we know of right now). It can only be attributed to the grace and power of our God. I met with one of the Occupational Therapists that has been working with Ana for the past month, and he raved about how well she is doing. Basically he said that she is exactly like a full term newborn developmentally, and even has some reflexes and abilities that are a bit advanced for her age. He repeated what we all know, “She is amazing. She’s a miracle.” Yes, she is a miracle, but God–He’s the one who is amazing. Please keep the prayers coming–you will never know how much they mean to us! 

IMG_7775                   IMG_7732IMG_7748       IMG_7720


2 thoughts on “3 months

  1. You make me cry each and every time with love and tenderness that you talk about our Lord Jesus Christ and your little Ana. I will continue to pray that God will in all his wisdom allow her to go home with no other episodes.


  2. Karl showed me on Facebook you were home!! Yahooo!!! I ran to my computer to read the most recent blog! I am so proud of you all!! And now the work begins in a whole new way!! Jesus, please protect little Ana as she goes home and keep her healthy and growing big and strong and help her and her sister Abi to do so well together! And help the whole family to move into this new stage with huge energy and blessings and joy and love and …..Amen


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