So much to be thankful for

We have so much to be thankful for on this crisp and beautiful Thanksgiving.

IMG_7809           IMG_7810

Last Tuesday, with Anamaria at 37 weeks, 3 days gestation, we left the hospital as a family of four for the first time.


Our teeny, tiny 1-pound preemie–the one who they told us would probably be in the hospital until the New Year–completely defied the odds and came home almost 3 weeks before her due date. We know that this is only because of God’s grace and sustenance of her little body.


Big sister Abi is thrilled. She loves (most of the time) to help Mommy change Ana’s diaper and to rock her in her rock and play while she sleeps. Ana looks at her big sister with a look of wonder on her face, eagerly awaiting the day they can play together.

IMG_7918        IMG_7919

We are so blessed. Ana is acting so much like a full term newborn, that sometimes, if you just look at her, you can almost forget that she spent the last 3 months literally fighting for her life. She has consistently gained an ounce a day since coming home from the hospital, and is now up to 6 pounds, 3 ounces. And, get this, she is doing this by exclusively breastfeeding. Ana is no longer getting extra calories in a bottle, and instead gets all of her meals from her Momma. For those of you who know anything about preemies, you know that this is pretty much a miracle in and of itself. For a baby born at 23 weeks to be able to breastfeed well enough to gain enough weight just by nursing is crazy! I especially am so thankful for this gift! God is so good! Even if we need to start giving her extra calories later, I’m so thankful for this time that Ana gets to act and feel like a “normal” newborn.

IMG_7917       IMG_7916

Her pediatrician commented on how strong she is and on how good her head control is. I told him that she had a lot of practice from wiggling her head around and trying to crawl out of her isolette for 2 months.

IMG_7920       IMG_7914

With a couple of warm days this week, we even got to take Ana out for her first walks. Clearly, she was thrilled about them!

And, just to give you some perspective, here is Ana next to one of the diapers that she wore when she was born–and it was HUGE on her too! She is in newborn size now. What a difference!

IMG_7911          IMG_7905

God is so faithful, and we are humbled, blessed and so, so thankful!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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