1 month adjusted


5 months old/ 1 month adjusted

8 pounds 5 ounces (as of last week) 

To our little lady…

You have been home for 54 sweet days, and we have cherished every moment of it. You are growing just like a newborn should, and we feel so blessed to get to watch that. We have several moments throughout each day where we remember how far you have come and we are in awe yet again. Mommy especially keeps looking at you, and can’t stop remembering the tiny, skinny, sticky, red 1-pound baby laying in the isolette, fighting for her life. You are a true miracle, and we will never forget it! Here are some of our favorite moments of the past month…

IMG_8437        IMG_8372

You have gained almost 2 pounds this month, and have continued to do so by exclusively breastfeeding. Mommy is cherishing every moment of this while it still lasts!

 IMG_8371       IMG_8368IMG_8407

You and your sister already love each other so much. When you are crying, Abi goes over to you, rubs your head, puts her face way too close to yours and says, “It’s okay Ana!” in the cutest big sister voice. And the best part? You always stop crying. Whenever you hear your big sister’s voice, you are soothed and you watch her intently. Mommy’s heart is so happy that you two are going to have each other, and my prayer is that you are best friends always!

IMG_8356       IMG_8359

In fact, you love your sister so much that you let her pick out your clothes. This was one of Mommy’s favorites. Hot stuff my friend, hot stuff.


Yes, you sleep on your back at night, but sometimes during the day we let you sleep on your belly for naps. And you love it.

We are still on house arrest, I mean, RSV isolation. That means that we never go anywhere as a family of 4. Either Mommy or Papi, or your wonderful Abuela and Abuelo, stay home with you to keep you away from all the flu and RSV germs around. We are bathed in hand sanitizer and covered in Lysol wipes–and it’s still worth it.

IMG_8305     IMG_8301

You started sleeping better at night–(usually 5-6 hour stretches)–and that makes everyone feel so much better about life in the morning. You still wake up pretty exhausted, and can only last about an hour before you conk out again. Mommy usually wishes it was socially appropriate for her to conk out again for the rest of the day also!

But the BEST part of the last month? The thing that we had been waiting for for almost 5 months?

IMG_8410          IMG_8412

SMILES! You started smiling at almost exactly a month adjusted, and it is pretty much the sweetest thing. You are trying hard to talk and coo and love to have conversations with us.

IMG_8421    IMG_8426      IMG_8434

We love you so much Anamaria! Thank you for bringing us so much joy!


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