6 months old and “back in”

6 months old; 2 months, 1 week adjusted

10 pounds even

Sweet Anamaria turned 6 months old on Valentine’s Day! How is that possible? Six months ago our lives were completely changed, our faith made stronger and our God glorified in the birth of our feisty little fighter.

Six months later, Anamaria is continuing to prove that she is feisty and that she is a fighter.


This past week, Ana started coming down with the dreaded cold. Mommy prayed that it wasn’t RSV and Papi protectively stayed up all night watching his girl. Each day, we held our breath as we watched the congestion progress from Ana’s nose, to her throat and eventually to her chest. After only one day of serious coughing, Ana was completely hoarse, had almost no voice and sounded like a 50 year old smoker (no offense meant to anyone who smokes and is 50!). Because she has chronic lung disease and was on breathing support for so long after birth, these types of viruses effect her much more severely and much more quickly. By day 3 she was wheezing and put on an albuterol inhaler. By day 4 she was having labored breathing even with the albuterol and continuing to wheeze. That’s when we decided to take her to the Emergency Room (since it was a Sunday). Ana was admitted within an hour of arriving, due to the congestion in her chest (bronchiolitis) and her dipping oxygen levels. Every time she falls asleep she needs supplement oxygen to keep her oxygen saturation levels from dipping into the 80’s (and probably below if we let them).

 IMG_8900      IMG_8897

So here we are. almost 3 months out of the hospital and “back in.” Ana will most likely be here a few days while she fights off this cold. It is not RSV, which is great, but just some other virus that has turned into bronchiolitis. It’s a good reminder of why we “Isolate” during RSV season. If this is what she is like without RSV…I don’t even want to think about how bad that would be. Any type of cold or virus is really miserable for a preemie, especially one born as early as Ana.

IMG_8905      IMG_8910

Really Mom, I just missed being waited on at the hospital. This is the life! 

When we are not hanging out in the Emergency Room or on the Pediatric Inpatient Floor, we like to play, snuggle, smile and laugh at big sister. Take a look…


My favorite place to be–sleeping on my mommy

IMG_8854       IMG_8856

Talking to Mommy

IMG_8860       IMG_8796

Did I mention that I love my big sister? She loves to fall asleep snuggling with me in her bed. Don’t worry, my Mommy doesn’t leave me here. 🙂 

IMG_8771      IMG_8719

I really love to smile. 


And I donated all my preemie clothes to my big sister’s dolls! They fit them perfectly! 

Thanks for all your love and prayers! We’ll keep you posted on Ana’s progress in the hospital, and hopefully she’ll be out of here sooner rather than later.


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