almost 5 months old~adjusted!


8.5 months old / almost 5 months adjusted

about 12 pounds (yes, she is a peanut)

Things she loves: Her sister, her bobo (pacifier) and her thumb are probably the top 3!

Things she doesn’t love: tummy time, being rocked to sleep and being hungry are not her favorites.


Pretty much, this little girl is the sweetest, happiest, most even tempered thing around. She is always smiling, always content–even when she is stuffy, sick and uncomfortable. And unfortunately, she has been pretty sick and pretty uncomfortable. Right after we finally made it past April 1st and flu and RSV season, Ana decided to get sick just one last time. What started as a cold quickly went to her chest and lungs and made it hard for her to breathe and even harder for her to sleep. Thankfully, we were able to keep things under control with lots of breathing treatments and saline solution, and we didn’t end up in the hospital again! Ana is so used to the nebulizer that it actually puts her to sleep, and she likes to pretend she can hold it on her own.


Another thing she likes to try to hold all by herself is her bottle.


Ana continues to get only breast milk in her bottles (with some extra calories added sometimes), but we have switched to doing almost all bottles instead of directly nursing. As you probably noticed, Ana is still quite the peanut, and her two significant sicknesses have not helped the cause. Even though she loved nursing, she is just not a very effective nurser. She will look around, smile at me, and then fall asleep, but will not really suck hard or long enough to keep up a good milk supply. So I have started pumping as much as I can (not that much) and we’re plowing through the deep freezer stash of milk that I had from when Ana was in the hospital. The only thing that doctors are “concerned” about at this point is Ana’s weight, and so we need to be aware of and watch it closely. So we hope that this change makes a difference in her weight gain!

Ana also just started eating real food, after 8 months of life! Despite Mommy’s hesitation, she was pretty happy about it!

IMG_9547      IMG_9545

She has had oatmeal cereal and acorn squash, and the squash definitely took the prize. She LOVED it and ate every last drop!

Ana is getting stronger every day! The Occupational Therapist who works with her weekly is consistently impressed with her development and progress. She holds her toys and brings things to her mouth, reaching for everything that is around her and talks and babbles to anyone who will listen!


She loves to stand up when you are holding her, something that her sister never did at this age!


And she can roll from her belly to her back, and almost from her back to her belly as well! She is amazing and we are continuously in awe of this gift that God so graciously granted us!


We remember back to the night that Ana was born, and I literally cannot believe that the smiley, vibrant girl that sits in front of me is that same tiny, fragile, very sick baby.


God is so good.

Probably Ana’s favorite person on this earth is her sister. No matter what is going on around her, when Abi comes over to her and starts talking, Ana breaks out into this biggest smile–a smile that I think is only reserved for big sister. We love the love that they have for each other, and we pray that they would always love each other with such a deep and fierce love.

IMG_9525                         IMG_6112

Thank you for your continued prayers! I am always honored when people ask me about how Ana is doing. Wow! We are so humbled by everyone’s continued concern, love and care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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