Our Story

Anamaria came into the world on Thursday, August 14th, stealing her sister’s thunder on her third birthday! Abigail is thrilled to have a baby sister that shares her birthday, at least for the time being! We will see how she feels next year. Anamaria was not supposed to join our family on the outside of the womb until December, so her entrance was quite extraordinary. She was born 16 weeks early, at just under 24 weeks gestation. She is in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), where she will live until at least December. This blog will document her journey while in the NICU, and her progress towards being able to eventually go home. Thank you for joining us in praying for little Anamaria!



One thought on “Our Story

  1. Hola Esteban, Marta y Abi. Estamos orando mucho por ustedes y por la salud de Anamaria. Quisiéramos saber si podemos enviarles a la dirección del hospital un detallito para que lo pongan cerca de la cunita o incubadora. Esta una medallita. Pueden responder por aquí o por email. Abrazos. Geraldine


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